Function Name Case Sensitivity and Variable-Length Argument Lists

After spending years developing software, I’ve always assumed that most real programming languages are extremely case sensitive in almost every aspect. It turns out that PHP function names are not case-sensitive. I was extremely surprised to read this and I definitely don’t agree with it. Variables in PHP are case sensitive so it could be worse.

It was interesting to find out that PHP function parameters can be defined on the fly. PHP provides three built-in functions to handle variable-length argument lists: func_num_args(), func_get_arg() and func_get_args().

Here’s an example of how they’re used:

  2. function hello()
  3. {
  4.         if (func_num_args() > 0) {
  5.                 $arg = func_get_arg(0); // The first argument is at position 0
  6.                 echo "Hello $arg";
  7.         } else {
  8.                 echo "Hello World";
  9.         }
  10. }
  11. hello("Reader"); // Displays "Hello Reader"
  12. hello();         // Displays "Hello World"

The variable-length arguments will actually be useful instead of something that I’m just learning to get designated as a Zend Certified Engineer.

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